Tuesday, July 14, 2015

II. Olympian Thunder

Geduhn of Olympia, son without title, warrior of the IV Legion.

Like so many of those born in the Imperial Era, Legionnaire Geduhn claims no lineage among the varied citadels of lost Olympia. Such practice was a statement of rebirth, and for the warriors of the IV Legion, to discard one's name was to speak of glory through survival alone, beating the astronomical rate of attrition which afflicted the armies of Geduhn's birthworld.

As a seeker, Geduhn's boltgun has been equipped with enhanced target acquisition, which displays the Astartes's target within their helmet, allowing the weapon to be fired around corners and other obstacles without sacrificing cover.

This legionnaire carries the short cover of the seeker squads, worn across the left shoulder to disguise the iconic form of the warrior Astartes on approach. The sheer size of the legionnaire seems seems to have been negligible, as this garment was distributed through vast swathes of the legion's reconnaissance element, with questionable effectiveness.

A variety of foundry worlds and mobile forges supplied the Great Crusade, and among these, the armor of the IV Legion strays notoriously far from the Imperial norm. Drawing on the military traditions of that world, the Iron Warriors donned armor which exaggerated the length of the skull, creating an even more iconic visage of death for these proud warriors. Some speculation arises to the relative effectiveness of this Olympia-forged power armor, but these voices of dissension are known to the Iron King. The Lord Perturabo does not look favorably upon those who would challenge his legion's might.

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